The Brad Hill Law Office is an experienced and local uncontested divorce attorney in Lee’s Summit. The process of going through any divorce can be taxing but uncontested divorces tend to be quite a bit less stressful than their contested counterparts. Typical uncontested divorces in the Lee’s Summit or Kansas City area are fairly expedited and take place without a hearing on the matter. This saves the client time and alleviates some of the annoyance associated with a divorce.

Each Lee’s Summit uncontested divorce case requires its own special approach because the issues involved with even an uncontested divorce are very sensitive. One must be careful lest the uncontested divorce become a contested one. It is our goal to alleviate many potential issues by seeking a quick resolve to uncontested divorces so as to not allow problems to occur during the pendency of the matter. Some uncontested divorces can be finalized in under a month. Other uncontested divorces may require only one meeting between a client and their uncontested divorce attorney and no court hearings. The time and cost expense depend heavily upon the facts of each case and not all cases can be settled over night, whether it be an uncontested divorce or not.

In the Kansas City area, extensive property is typically the thing that causes uncontested divorces to lag because there is usually a large amount of documentation necessary to effectuate the divorce. The parties may even agree to custody and support of the children but be in disagreement on other terms associated with parenting. For example, the parents may be in disagreement over who claims the children on their income taxes or how uncovered medical expenses are to be paid. This lack of full agreement keeps the case in pending status and contributes towards the overall amount of time involved in going through an uncontested divorce. If you would like to speak to an uncontested divorce lawyer in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City areas then please contact the Brad Hill Law Office today.